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I hardly see any heroic posts about Muslims on here, so here you go.

I love that it takes the time to specify that his attack of choice was a flying kick

The hero the world needs

I remember this. But I feel we’re missing some key points. When it happened, he was out jogging with his puppy:


He heard screams and sprinted towards them. He jumped a fence, saw a man pinning a woman down and immediately fly-kicked him in the face, knocking him out. He then gave the woman his jacket because her dress was ripped and got her a taxi home. She only managed to get in contact with him and tell the papers cause she later found his driver’s license in the pocket of the jacket.

“If I see a person in danger then I will intervene. I would not want to ignore it and then read the next day that a woman had been raped or murdered.”

And his message to the attacker:

“He is a coward and a man with no morals. I won’t forget his face.”

In case you wondered what a hero looks like.


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“3:45 AMI get up a little earlier than usual today so I can make lunch for my daughter (rice and…”

“3:45 AM

I get up a little earlier than usual today so I can make lunch for my daughter (rice and chicken) and get her school uniform out and ready for her to wear today. My daughter, Lissbeth, is in the second grade. I then shower and get ready for work.

4:30 AM

I get on the bus at 4:30 a.m. so I can make it to work by 5 a.m. It takes about 20 minutes to get to a bus stop by my job and then I have to walk another 5 minutes to get to work. Sometimes the bus runs late, so I leave a little earlier to make sure I don’t get to work late.

5:00 AM

I clock in at 5 a.m. at McDonald’s. Lissbeth, is still sleeping by the time I get to work. My sister watches her in the mornings and some afternoons. I hope she has a good breakfast and remembers to finish her homework. I start working by cleaning the bathroom. There are five different stalls that I need to wipe down and clean the floor [of].

7:00 AM

I run to the bathroom and call my daughter to make sure she gets up in time for school and let her know I will be picking her up after school today.

11:00 AM

I go on my lunch around 11 a.m. and get a 20-minute break. I get asked to come back 10 minutes early so I can help with the lunch rush.

12:00 PM

We have a really busy lunch rush today. I’m trying to make the food as quickly as I can, but I am having a hard time with all the customers because there’s only two of us in the kitchen when usually there are four of us.

1:30 PM

I finish up here at my first job around 1 p.m. and hop on the bus to go pick up my daughter from school.

2:30 PM

I pick up Lissbeth from school and we walk home together. We get home and I help her start her homework, make her a snack and prepare a quick dinner for her to eat later.

3:15 PM

My sister Rosa gets home from her McDonald’s job and is going to watch my daughter so I can get back on the bus and get to work.

4:00 PM

I get to my second McDonald’s job around 4 p.m. and clock in to begin my shift. I start by putting french fries in the fryer and cleaning the prep area in the kitchen.

5:30 PM

The dinner rush starts. I do my best to get the food out more quickly, but there aren’t enough of us in the kitchen to do all the work necessary to get the food out in time.

7:30 PM

I go on break and call my daughter to see if she’s finished up her homework and needs me to pick up anything for her when I get off of work. I begin thinking about the school supplies my daughter told me she needed earlier and how I’m going to be able to pay for them.

7:40 PM

I go back to work and [find out] I have to stay until 12 a.m. tonight, when I was supposed to get out at 11, because an employee is out sick and can’t start the overnight shift in time. I say ok, even though I really don’t like staying later than 11 because it’s hard to catch a bus home late at night.

12:00 AM

I clock out and wait for the bus so I can go home. As I’m waiting for the bus, I try and stay awake because I’m so tired.

12:30 AM

The bus arrives and I get on it. On my way home, I call my two sons back in Ecuador and see how they’re doing. My one son asks me if I’ve sent him money [for school and food]. I tell him yes, even though I haven’t been able to come up with it yet. I get off the phone with them, and begin wondering how I’m going to come up with the money to send to my two sons back in Ecuador for school and food.”

Norma Marin describes her daily routine as a minimum wage worker mother of three, translated from Spanish by the fast food employees’ union, Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago, that Marin belongs to.

Marin’s struggle reminds me that of my own and is more likely than not similar to the story of many other migrant mothers who through circumstances brought on by capitalism/imperialism are forced to come to this country to work streneous, time consuming, underpaid jobs in order to provide for their families.

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“He looks at me and asks, “okay, but couldn’t they just have named Quvenzhané Wallis literally…”

He looks at me and asks, “okay, but couldn’t they just have named Quvenzhané Wallis literally anything else?” and my heart beats hard and my hands make fists because

my first name doesn’t come on friendship bracelets, doesn’t come on mugs, doesn’t come on cutesy souvenirs. R-A-Q-U-E-L. My first name is first-day-of-school-flinch, my first name is supposed to be like rainwater and instead sounds muffled in the mouths of people who are scared of it. My first name has been turned into rachel, ra-qwell, rochelle, rocky, kelly, michelle. My first name is walking you through six whole letters like i’m your preschool teacher.

And my last name? My last name is uh-let-me-spell-that-for-you, it is “i’m gonna marry a smith or a winter or somebody with a nice short last name,” it’s “would hate to see that on the back of a jersey it wouldn’t even fit across your shoulders,” it’s a telemarketer’s worst nightmare, it’s a hulking burden for a little girl who bites her lip every time she has to give it over in public, it’s a computer disaster waiting to happen because it’s not formatted in the way the software is, it’s caught in throat, mumble-me, it’s terrifying. “It’s Spanish,” I say quietly, “It’s actually just phonetic if you read it properly.”

my whole name is “sorry.” My whole name is five parts. My whole name is heritage, heartbreak, is too heavy. My name is “Sorry, let me just write it down for you,” it’s “sorry” and endless quiet corrections to the point that I don’t even bother with most of them, it’s “sorry,” a smile flashed. An “I understand your struggle and I’m sorry for the inconvenience of my identity” grin. I was named after a woman who wrote poems from the inside of a political prison, and I still apologize for it.

But fuck you if you think I’m gonna let you make another girl sorry for who she is. Fuck you for pretending like the fault you have is that she wasn’t named susan. Fuck you for expecting us all to crop our names down and just be “normal” like everyone else. Your name isn’t normal to me but I still figured out how to wrap my tongue around every “Eric” and “Skylar” and “Lisa” and “Sally Lou” because I am expected to respect the fuck out of you.

So no. She shouldn’t have been named anything else. It’s not even that fucking hard to pronounce. Watch a video if you’re not sure about it. Every letter is a part of her identity. Your problem isn’t that it’s confusing, it’s that she’s so unapologetically her own being and she doesn’t need your approval for anything.

I will not stand here while another little girl grows up feeling bad about who she is. I will not let you turn her into a demon because “it’s just too hard!” when you’re really just too lazy. I don’t want her to shrink like I do. I want her to stand with her spine straight and a smile on her face. I want them to know her. I want it to be a household name like Tchaikovsky, Voltaire, Dostoevsky.

No more morning talk show hosts making smart-ass comments. No more butchering her name at a professional award show. No more interview questions about basic background knowledge. I want journalists roasted over the coals for not doing their homework. I want her name not to be a flinch but to be a badge of honor. No more “can I just call you a nickname” bullshit, no more “make it easier on me.” No more apologizing. My patience with this shit is at exactly zero.

Because this girl is gonna change the world. You better at least learn the identity of your friendly neighborhood superhero.

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Syncing A Canon 580EXii In Stand-Alone Commander Mode With Any Camera


The Context

I was given my Grandad’s Canon AE-1.  I’ve let it sit in a closet for 18 years. But I fixed it & It’s back in business now.  I want to use it & sync multiple flashes to do some … flash stuff.  So i’ve been learning to really use a flash meter & work stuff out.

What I’ve Learned

The 580EXii can act as a commander in manual mode for 3 groups NOT connected to a TTL camera.  You can just power it up and program in your power levels for the 3 groups A:B:C…DOPE!  OR you can do the whole ETTL-style thing with power ratios…but i’m going to not pay attention to that ‘cause I can work out the ratios in my head, & I feel safer & more “grounded” if i’m working with 1/8th power, 1/4th power, etc…

You can even fire your grunt flashes by setting your power levels (on the commander, mind you, this is the key to the neat-ness) & hitting the pilot button, & they will all fire correctly, for old school manual realness. 

A 580EXii can be fired/triggered from the camera either by a PC sync cord, or the hotshoe via a long cable.  

(but callisonic…why don’t you just use pocketwizards?…

cause i spent a year using pocketwizards and getting black frames when the shitting things wouldn’t communicate with each other…i switched over to a hybrid long hotshoe-corded / McNally method of line of sight, and saw my flashes all start to work in a rock solid fashion EVEN OUTDOORS.  seriously 33% of all my shots were missed cause the pocket wizards couldn’t hang.)

Turns out:  

The 580EXii *doesn’t* transmit commander info when synced/fired by the PC cord method. dang!

The 580EXii *does* transmit commander info to grunt flashes if triggered by the hotshoe cable.  EVEN if that hotshoe cable is a “dumb” hotshoe cable…not a modern ETTL hotshoe on the camera…even the Canon AE-1 (&presumably any camera with a hotshoe connection) will trigger the flash which will send out the commander pulses to the grunt flashes.  DOPE!

They don’t tell you this in the manual so hopefully i just saved you 15 dollars on a pc cord purchase that’s unnecessary.

Can’t wait to make multi-flash photos with my grandad’s 35mm film camera.  yeah.

Sidenote:  I’m going to try and refrain from using MALE/FEMALE & MASTER/SLAVE language when I talk about this stuff from now on.  That’s gonna be hard to do as an A/V nerd.  but that language needs to be deprecated, stat.

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