The Supervillain EP

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About this EP

Released Feb 2012.
Recorded to FL Studio and Sonoma Wireworks 4Track.
Art by M. Hyder.


The Henchbabe

The Agency was not lying
if anything, they undersold your looks
You’re too beautiful to only be dangled
in front of any misguided do-gooder
who might
stumble upon
a hidden fortress within molten rock

what inexorable fate brought you to me?

Let us be direct with each other
I want you to be my most trusted aide
Assist me with unpleasant business,
and I wil enflame every desire
that might
unfurl within you
but please, do not decieve yourself

this is no egalitarian society

disturbances in a ventilation shaft
are never, ever just nothing!

I see you in jeweled starlight
a reconnaissance team under your command
wearing that painted-on catsuit
we designed over coffee and
whole wheat
toast points
Oh, what does that look you’re giving me, mean?

I told you to investigate the airshaft alarm

Nuking From Orbit

There’s such satisfaction
from pulling a lever
That lets fall the explosives
from a low orbit.
They slip free and tumble,
And streak on re-entry
To flash so brilliantly
to build towers of dust.
And I really thought
There’d be more chaos than this.

So I focus the satellite
on to where you’ve been living
and resolve on a heat signature
that moves like you do.
Now there’s no going back
for absolutely anyone at all.

And you,
didn’t you say
that innocence
Is a relative term.

So i’ll leave an island
Untouched by destruction
You’ll call it New Eden
And start it all over.
And your first exile, I’ll fish out
From the encircling Sea.
I’ll show him the power
Of a vengeful and brilliant
A vengeful and brilliant outcast
A brilliant and vengeful outcast…

Alabama Superthug Magna Cum Laud

Let’s call today my superthug graduation
I’m venting a talking insect
Out the main airlock of this station

I’m letting all my henchmen run a little wild
Feels like yesterday,
I was just a problem child

I’ve been working for this
Six legged demon on earth,
And in the blackest dark of space
I’m headed on back home
To claim what is mine
And set my house in order

I know he had some powerful friends
So ask me if I care
If someone else wants to take what’s mine
Tell them to go ahead and try

I ain’t all that special
Maybe just a little bit more mean
And I know that down there on earth
There’s billions more like me

Who’d do the same as I did
And blow him out into space
Giggle at his scrambling arms
Trying to claw a way back in

They would know what the risks are
What the cold darkness might bring
But that would be worth the comfort
To have a real man running things

Here are the changes that are coming down the line
We’re through with this tolerance talk
Twisting up our young boy’s minds

Every body’s staying put
And improving where they live
If y’all knew what I’m saving you from
You’d thank me so much more


No more orders from those clacking mandibles
Now that earth is run by a man
Whose come on back home
And he’s got a plan
To set
His house
In order

Fracturing The Confederacy For Ultimate Evil

You didn’t think I’d fight for you
Just look at all the damage that I’ve done
We worked so hard to build this place
Now I left it a smoking ruin

I never promised that I could behave
I never said I could trust in them
I never said I’d do so much of what I’ve done
swallowed so much pride it’s all I taste

The enemy of my enemy stands in front of me
And he keeps droning on about the greater good
Now you’ve made your desires all so clear
All that you have left me with are enemies
Must be flattering to think that you provoked me
this madness is all mine, honey, don’t you kid yourself
Sometimes survival means a little self-restraint
But damned if I’m gonna live somebody else’s life